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Operation Phantasm

Total Time: 4 months

Operation Phantasm was my final project game at Full Sail University. It is a real time tactics game meant to capture the feeling of microing marines in Starcraft, the feeling of commanding a small squad of powerful units like in Dawn of War II or Commandos, and the feeling of stress from the mental system of Darkest Dungeon.


For four months our team of 4 students worked on this game. I was primarily a systems designer and gameplay programmer on the project. The four major features I worked on primarily were the mental system, the AI behavior, character data handling, and the ability system. That said, since our team was so small I did have a hand in many other systems and features over the course of development. I learned a lot about working effectively as a team, more advanced C# techniques in Unity, as well as valuable design lessons. Such as not being afraid to cut aspects of the design, how to iterate in the space left by cut mechanics and systems, how to parse player feedback to find the core issues, and how to better manage time to avoid crunch.

You can download the game and play it here!