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John Hartzell

Sales/Marketing Intern • Hartzell Air Movement • Summer 2014

Improved training documentation, performed sales calls, analyzed product line pricing, researched competitor products, produced and presented a market research presentation for executives, used VBA programming in Excel 2010.

B.S. International Studies & Minors Chinese/Computer science • Spring 2015 • Bowling Green State University

My education was multi disciplinary in that I studied programming (computer science minor), Chinese, and international studies/globalism. My international studies focused in globalization and international business. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to study abroad in Beijing, China as well as Rabat, Morocco. During spring break 2014 I was able to participate in the Greenpeace student education program. While studying at BGSU I interned at Hartzell Air Movement, summer of 2014, in the sales and marketing department. I was pleased with my experience at BGSU and left with a wealth of knowledge in a broad range of disciplines. Including programming in C++, C#, Javascript, Chinese literature/culture/language, globalization, Intercultural communication, wrote my thesis on the rise of Esports in terms of culture and international business, studied abroad to China (international business, culture, & language), Morocco (volunteer & NGO experience), and played collegiate dodgeball

Game Design • May 2017 • Full Sail University

At Full Sail university I am learning with the industry in mind. The courses are built around what is relevant and needed by companies who are hiring game designers. All the while I have been working on some exciting side projects with fellow students. The school is intense and fast paced, requiring extreme dedication and persistence. I am currently studying C# game programming in Unity 5, level design, game mechanics, user experience, QA testing, and world building. In addition to these studies I was the team lead on multiple student projects that required us to design, develop, and test 3d and 2d games in very little time (2-3 weeks). I continue to further my experience and look forward to graduating in May of 2017.


Attended a student leadership and community organization training camp at Greenpeace HQ in Washington D.C. in spring 2015 (community management, sustainable technologies, media interaction, grassroots organizing, effective lobbying, and sustainable organization growth).

Volunteer Experience & Leadership

Familiar with:

  • AGILE methodology

  • Maya

  • Photoshop

Experienced with:

  • C++

  • C#

  • Visual Studio

  • BitBucket

  • Perforce

  • Unity 5

  • Unreal Engine 4

  • QA testing

  • Building collision for complex objects

  • Excel 2008 - 365(newest)

  • Prototyping

  • Level design