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Team Kale Tower Defense

Total Time: 2 weeks

This tower defense game was the result of 2 weeks of work by a small team. We were required to create a game that included the mechanics of wagering, defending, modifying, winning/losing, and consuming. We chose to make a tower defense game. This was due to the connection between tower defense games and the mechanics defending and modifying. Then we added in the wagering element as a way for the player to try and stack the cards in their favor. The player can bet energy on a lane. This will cause the lane to spawn one extra enemy for each bet. So a player can stack their most powerful turrets in one lane then bet energy so the most enemies come down that lane. The catch is that the types of enemies that are spawned in that lane is random. Tough enemies might spawn in that lane, or one that is less defending, and really mess up the player's base! During this project I handled the scripting for the tower's behaviors, placing towers, the betting system, and enemy spawn handling.